Рину Гришину охватила паника в аэротрубе
Star of TV series “Police with the ruble. Home again” was able to overcome the panic attack by regulating your breathing.

Photo: STS

believes that cope with the critical situation only due to the fact that
recently engaged in Hatha yoga.

“Mentor is my old friend, she and me
seduced on a weekly workout. Yoga taught me a lot: for example,
now I know how to overcome a panic attack by regulating your breathing. Recently, within
participation in one project I had the opportunity to fly in aerotrube. The coach looked
as I’m good at, and have decided to add a load to leave me
the air flow up and down harder. And I’m afraid that I can’t
to control the situation. But quickly remembered what we teach in yoga, beginning
deeply and evenly breathe and calmed down.”

Rina uses in life
only yoga. This year she discovered the benefit of a contrast shower. And this morning hardening already came in handy during a recent trip to Baikal, where there was shooting
dance mini-film with her participation. “A petite girl (me) dancing on
the backdrop of the majestic nature. So, if not a douche, I would be there
sick for sure in the icy wind in summer clothes” — says Grishin.

Active lifestyle
help the star to keep themselves in shape without gyms and diets. “Oh,Yes,
diet is not about me. In the hall I don’t do weights, I have no home, so I can
only to assume that I weigh 46 to 48 kilograms and the height is 161 cm. My
the rhythm of life to limit yourself to food — stupid,” she says. That’s why
the actress quietly eats for Breakfast sandwiches, and on the set — kinekor.

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