Рина Гришина: «Я не боюсь снова оказаться на дне!»
Star of TV series “Police with the ruble” and “Hotel Eleon” openly talked about his past.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The heroine Rina Grishina in the third season of “the COP with the ruble”
broke into the project confidently, rapidly and instantly became one of the brightest
the heroines of the series. In an exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days” she admitted
her way into the actress was not so easy as it may seem
fans now, at the peak of its popularity.

“I remember I went to work in the theatre “Baltic house” prop to
to be closer to his dream — Rina recalls his youth spent in Saint-Petersburg,
when she’s a few years in a row could not enter the theater. — In the repertoire
was the play “the lower depths”, very dirty at art concept, the stage was in the
the clay in the straw, while all this is sprinkled with water. After the performance I
laid out wet “props” downstairs under the stage, and upstairs the actors were singing
before the next performance. Sitting apart the dirt bags, straw and crying. Well
why I’m here, poking around in this mess, and
not there, along with all the singing?! It hurts so much… But I keep to myself
kept saying, “nothing, Nothing, you can do it and rise from this bottom.” On
the following year I again enrolled in theater. In the soul creeps
doubt: “I May mediocrity and to me not worth to get involved?” In addition to working
in the theater, I got another waitress. In the third year of failures was especially
hard: because I have had to turn a trick, and to travel around the festivals, have tasted all
the beauty of the world movie. Out of despair I went to the courses set designers, I’m good
draw. But on the third lesson, I realized that my boredom. Did
I fourth times — in the theatre Academy on a course to
great master Sergei Dmitrievich Cherkasy. To be honest, happened
this is when I expected nothing. Remember, turn onto moss street, where
is the Academy, and my legs gave way, I felt
devastated. In those four years I saw life in all its glory, I was already “about
what to play””.

After overcoming lots of difficulties, Rina Grishina is not “broke”.
According to the actress, the star fever does not threaten her.

“I just know that it’s all in one second
may collapse, disappear from your life, she says. With me such was not
time I went to something long, hard, and then something dzin —
breaks, and BAM, you’re back at the bottom. A lot of shit has happened in my life
I suffered so that, you know, not even afraid of what may again be
to their original positions. I’m still swimming! (Laughs.)”

The full interview with Rina Grishina read in the new issue of the magazine “7
Days.” Now!