Rina Grishina: “doing ballet, I was seriously injured”

Рина Гришина: «Занимаясь балетом, я получила серьезную травму»
Constant movement was the salvation of the stars of the show “Hotel Eleon”.

Photo: STS

Slim figure stars
series “Hotel Eleon” on STS many envy, especially
when people find out that Rina loves to eat even before going to sleep. And while its weight remains 46-48 pounds. Grishin believes that the secret of a good figure is simple: “we Need to actively engage
sports or dance”. Itself
Rina is dancing, you can say, life. In childhood, from 4 to 14 years old, she went to ballet school. Continued dancing and later at the Theatre Academy. And now in his spare time goes to
step and, in her words, these classes “squeezed on”.

In addition to dancing, Rina has developed a program for exercising at home. Fitness she doesn’t matter,
considering that go there
only those who lack will power. “I have it. I develop the house all groups
muscles, crunches, stretching, doing exercises for the ass, and without any gantelek… Special attention is paid to the back, because after
ballet I had problems with the spine.” Remembering about that time, Rina
said: “Ballet is 99 percent of the difficulties and only 1 percent
joy.” However, despite this, she initially all went well. Rin even started to make your own dance number. But had a serious injury. Girl
had three surgeries for a long time lay in a cast. And when recovered,
realized that no longer will be able to do ballet. Fortunately, mother
helped Rin “switch”: the Theatre Academy. But since
the actress has to save himself from the consequences of old injuries. “I have lower back problems
even with a ballet school, so I have to constantly pump the back muscles, and it gives
me the opportunity not to beat this thing,” she told her fans.

the record of the actress has 40 roles, so she’s always busy. But, being a man of organized, finds time for sports, and the care for face and body. Use the mask and oil, even
making soap for the morning washing.

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