Rihanna's husband, rapper ASAP Rocky, stepped out in a leather skirt The fashion world has moved on.< p>
Rihanna's husband ASAP Rocky went out wearing a leather skirt Traditional skirts and dresses were worn exclusively by women. However, in recent years there has been a shift in the fashion world.

Now gender boundaries are blurred, and individuality is upheld by everyone, regardless of who identifies themselves.

This time, the American rapper ASAP Rocky, who appeared in public in traditional women's clothing, became the object of paparazzi attention.

Rihanna's husband ASAP Rocky went out in a leather skirt< p>The hip-hop artist wore a suit from the luxury brand Givenchy, which consisted of a sweatshirt, t-shirt and leather midi skirt.
As shoes, the celebrity chose clogs on the platform of the same brand.

At the same time, high black socks and sunglasses complemented the image. Read more: 1 2 3 next. →

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