Рианна сходила на свидание с Хассаном Джамилем на фоне слухов о расставании

In the summer of last year it became known about the affair for Rihanna and Arab billionaire Hassan Jamil (although insiders say that the relationship started two years ago). However, to advertise the novel, the singer was going for a long time did not see the stars together. Because of this, the network began to circulate rumors about their parting. But, it seems, the couple are back together and Dating!

The insiders were divided in opinion: some have reported that Hassan Rihanna just tired, and others spoke about the lack of time for relationships. “Rihanna broke his heart – they said the publication Mtonews. Is what she usually does – just breaks the hearts of men. She often gets tired of them.” Even if the stars and parted, they are together again! Recently saw them at the exit from a restaurant in Malibu.

Most interesting is that the stars continue to hide the relationship. They arrived separately, each accompanied by his bodyguard. Left the institution, they also separately, probably so no one would know about their reunion or relationships in General.

We will remind, in June for Vogue, the singer shed light on an affair with Hassan: “I feel guilty when I spend time on personal life, and it seems to me that had not met the man who would be worthy of it,” said Rihanna, and admitted that the new boyfriend inspires her to waste time and energy on yourself.

Jamil is Vice President of his family business. They own the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia and, according to Forbes Middle East, their status is estimated at about $ 1.5 billion.

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