Рианна рассказала о свадьбе и детях

Rihanna tries to hide his personal life, but the Internet has scouted the singer is Dating a billionaire from Saudi Arabia by Hassan Jamil. Rihanna gave an interview for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, in which he told his colleague on the film “Eight friends of Oushena” (Ocean’s
Рианна рассказала о свадьбе и детях Sarah Paulson on future plans: marriage, children and mental health.

Рианна рассказала о свадьбе и детях

Rihanna has confirmed she’s in love, and in whom the singer says “Google”. Wedding star is in no hurry, but also does not deny: “Only God knows that. Want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans, right?” At the expense of children, the actress gave a more understandable answer: “I Want this more than anything”.

In addition to the presentation of new collections of clothes and care about his personal life, the actress spends a lot of time to myself. Only in the last few years, Rihanna realized how important it is to devote time to themselves, because it affects mental health. “If you’re not happy, you will not be happy even by doing what you like. I don’t want the work turned into a routine. I switch, just go for a walk or going to the grocery store. I started a new relationship, and it’s important to me. I realized that I need to devote time to this part of his life. Just as I involved in my business, I need to dedicate myself and relationships. In my agenda now, there are days marked with the letter “P” (from the word personal which means “personal”), it’s those days that I dedicate to my personal life”.

Does she have time for yourself? The actress said, what worries fell on her shoulders. “I spent all the time in the Studio for three months and released the album. Now it’s like a carousel. I work in fashion one day, a collection of underwear in another, then a beauty brand, then music. It’s like having a bunch of kids, and you have to take care of them all.
I am really pleased with the large amount of material that we have, but I’m not going to release the album until it is completed. No reason to rush. Although now, even if I don’t have time to make a video, I can release the album.”

The main income comes from Rihanna’s cosmetics Fenty Beauty. Now the singer is obsessed with makeup, and as a child she was not allowed to use beauty products: “I was forbidden to use cosmetics for a very long time. But I watched my mom painted. I wore makeup for the first time to play in school. When I was 16 years old. It was just before I moved to Barbados. I had green and gold eye shadow and bright lip gloss. Tinted moisturizer is what I remember most, because I’ve never seen my skin look so perfect. Then I thought, “Wow, I want to apply a concealer every day.

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