Рианна показала страсть в бассейне с новым парнем The singer was photographed in the arms of a stranger. Pop diva made out with a bold guy during a holiday in Spain. Pictures of Rihanna with macho instantly spread all over the Internet. Journalists managed to find out that stars an affair with the heir to a wealthy family.

Rihanna rarely advertise personal life, preferring to hide lovers. The singer rarely shares photos with boyfriend on the social network, and at events there is one. What was the surprise her fans when they saw the Network hot pictures of the singer in the arms of a muscular, handsome.

At the moment Rihanna is resting in Spain. Paparazzi managed to capture a girl in the company of brunette. The actress and her new boyfriend luxuriated in the pool and drinking champagne. The girl did not hide feelings of passionate and hard kiss chosen.

According to some, the guy’s name is Hassan Jamil. His family owned a business selling cars of Toyota in Saudi Arabia. Other sources report that earlier a young man was Dating model Naomi Campbell.

“He’s a guy that we need. Rihanna has told friends that fell in love with him and completely lost his head. They spent a lot of time together outside of prying eyes, both serious. Lovers enjoy each other’s company,” they say in the entourage of the singer.

Fans of Rihanna have decided to recall all the novels of the star and launched a flash mob under the hashtag #rihannahasamanparty. Social media users create collages comparing the choices of the artist. We will remind, in 2016, Rihanna dated musician Drake. However, after a while it became clear that the artist changed beloved.

“Drake dumped Rihanna for Dakota Gonzales – model and star of “Instagram,” wrote media.

The artist decided to concentrate on my career and push personal life on the backburner. That is why the news about the new guy surprised fans of the star. Rihanna fans think Drake should bite your elbows, because the current boyfriend is much more successful than him. In turn, according to the spiteful critics, roll in the hay, the girl ceased to look after themselves and strongly recovered. Outfits can’t hide the folds on her waist and the extra inches in the legs.

In may of this year in the foreign tabloids are even rumors about the interesting position of Rihanna. Reporters noticed that her figure noticeably rounded, and fans were actively discussing the news. The singer did not comment the information.