Rihanna is planning a wedding with her lover, billionaire

Рианна планирует свадьбу со своим любовником-миллиардером
The singer wants to have his baby.

Рианна планирует свадьбу со своим любовником-миллиардером

Rihanna and Hassan Jamil


As said a friend of Rihanna’s, the singer is in love and happy. More
also, according to the movement of the stars, Rihanna already being build
matrimonial plans.

“Rihanna sure Hassan Jamil-this
have sent her destined man. She wants to marry him and bear him
child. Rihanna sure he’ll make a great dad. She
tells about his favorite. And as the last time, Rihanna is often in
London, where Jamil lives, they have
the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company,” said a friend of the singer.

And although the singer and Hassan started Dating only in the beginning
summer lovers are already planning the wedding. As Rihanna was born
in Barbados, and Jamil is originally from Saudi Arabia, they don’t want to get married in America or in the UK.
The singer and her boyfriend want to have two ceremonies — one for her and another
in his Homeland. What this will do, lovers do not care, because
Jamil has great condition — 1, 5 billion dollars, and Rihanna is not a poor woman. It is “worth” at the
estimates of Forbes magazine, no less than 230 million dollars.

Interestingly, as told by a friend
singer, Rihanna has already managed to introduce a favorite with his father Ronald. Dad Runny,allegedly, very much Jamil,
but he found it proper to warn the boyfriend of his daughter. “Be prepared for the fact that she
very independent and will not tolerate, if it will at all times specify when and what
she needs to do…”