Rihanna in the new Vogue: the death of his brother and new boyfriend

Рианна в новом Vogue: смерть брата и новый бойфренд

Famous R&B and pop singer Rihanna graced the cover of the June issue of Vogue magazine, in an interview which talked about how the brother, the boyfriend of the billionaire and his attitude to excess weight.

Рианна в новом Vogue: смерть брата и новый бойфренд
On the cover of the latest issue worked famous photographers MERT Allas and Marcus Piggott. No wonder the star of the issue made it singer, of Barbadian descent, she is making progress not in one direction in his career. The singer not only writes songs and sings, but also working on own brand Beauty Fenty and in films.

The personal life of the performer causes not less interest from fans and readers of Vogue. An affair with a businessman from Saudi Arabia Hassan Jamil continues to evolve, though steam and not advertise their relationship. About this star told in an interview, however, the name of the beloved is not called. “I feel guilty when I spend time on personal life, and it seems to me that had not met the man who would be worthy of it,” said Rihanna, and admitted that the new boyfriend inspires her to waste time and energy on yourself.

Рианна в новом Vogue: смерть брата и новый бойфренд
Not spared the interviewer and past relationships of Rihanna, but like the romantic look, the recognition of Drake, in such an important moment for Rihanna’s eternal love. It happened on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards 2016. “Now between us is not friendship, but we’re not enemies,” commented the singer their relationship with him.

The journalist also asked about a tragedy in the family of Rihanna, which occurred on Christmas day. Her cousin Allana shot on the island of Barbados. According to star, she could feel the approaching trouble. “I really embraced the cousin the night before his death, I don’t know why. And after all that now I embrace all as if doing it for the last time. This is probably my biggest life lesson. Not to wait even until tomorrow. Tomorrow, in my opinion, it’s too late,” said Rihanna.

Now Rihanna can boast forms, because then a certain weight. The singer feels in a new form. “Honestly, you need to be able to laugh at yourself. I know when I look fat and when you lose weight. Take any figure. Don’t chase success of Victoria’s Secret models and still feel very beautiful and confident in their underwear,” said Rihanna in a conversation with Vogue.