Rihanna has not accepted the apology Drake

Рианна не приняла извинения Дрейка

Hot Barbados girl Rihanna is not going to forgive past grievances of my ex-Boyfriends. As reports the edition RadarOnline, the ex-lover of the singer Drake is trying by all means to regain his former lover. However, she saw them all in the bin. Literally.

As reported by insiders, Drake recently sent former lover three dozen roses and a gold bracelet, hoping that the singer will forget what scandal they broke up, but Rihanna’s not one to forgive such.
The singer has sent the jewelry back, attaching to it made Polaroid the bouquet in the bin. So she made it clear to Drake that the reconciliation cannot be considered.
“She’s not going to forgive him for treason. It happened not once in her life and she’s had enough,” said the insider.
Recall that the pair broke up last fall just a few weeks of Dating. Before Drake for many years was considered a friend of Rihanna. Everything stopped after the artist caught him cheating. The audience was puzzled, why so long to achieve its location, to spoil all the adultery.