Рианна сменила имидж и стала блондинкой


Rihanna we remember different: she was doing a short haircut, wore dreadlocks, shaved whiskey and dyed hair in different colors. Therefore, the next image change, there can hardly be a surprise to the public. But as a blonde she doesn’t seem to have been a very long time, because to see her with blond hair now quite unusual.

Suddenly dye your hair Rihanna decided, apparently, yesterday. In stories in Instagram she published a picture in the new image. What was the reaction of fans of the star change its appearance, it is hard to say — it is in the light not come out in a new way. It is possible that the hair may be the invoice. Considering the love of the stars to shocking, to exclude this is not necessary.

However, I want to ask you: how do you like the new look of the singer? You are for these changes or against them?

Рианна сменила имидж и стала блондинкой
Рианна сменила имидж и стала блондинкой
Rihanna, 2012

You like the new look of Rihanna?

Brunette I like her Bolshevistic very stylish and very fresh!Rihanna to face any hairstyle and any hair color