Рианна попросила фанатов не играть в Pokemon Go во время её концерта

The obsession of people playing Pokemon Go over the edge. Singers and singers now have to set new rules for those about came to hear their concert. Just a day after the beyoncé concert, one of the spectators sitting in the first row, without stopping, catching Pokemon, Barbadian singer Rihanna reached out to fans asking them not to do this during her speech.

“I don’t want to see you send messages to your lover, I don’t want to see you catch a Pokemon during my concert” said Ri-Ri with her French fans in Lille.
Recall that Pokemon Go already want to ban in public places. Many people quit their jobs to become professional hunters Pokemon”, RAM other cars, playing while driving, and recently near Central Park car happened to collapse, and many of the drivers threw the cars on the road ran to the Park to catch a rare Pokemon.

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