Rihanna and DiCaprio together again

Рианна и Ди Каприо снова вместе

The singer and actor visited music festival in California’s Coachella valley.

Both tried not to advertise their presence by wearing sunglasses late at night, and Leo in addition to glasses and a baseball cap. However, even such grave precautions did not save them from the inquisitive lens of the photographer, who filmed Leo whispers something Rihanna ear. Smile Rihanna tells us that Leo was whispering something pleasant.

RiRi is with Courtney Love at Guns N’ Roses show last night #Coachella

A photo posted by Rihanna Daily (@rihannadaily) APR 17 2016 at 5:57 PDT

A little earlier, Rihanna was seen in the company of other celebrities during a performance at the festival the band Guns N’ Roses she was photographed with Courtney Love.

Rumors that Rihanna and Leo are bound not only friendship, began to appear after several times caught the tourists in the Nightclubs together. But for now, the rumors remain rumors – no official confirmation of their romantic connection there.

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