Ridley Scott will film the legal drama series “Mr. vs Mrs.”

Ридли Скотт снимет многосерийную юридическую драму «Мистер против миссис»

British film Director and producer, Creator of “Gladiator” and “the Martian” by Ridley Scott starts working on a new project.

Filmmaker for TV channel shoots the CBS serial drama, the title is “Mr. vs Mrs.” (“Mrs. V. Mr.”).

Writing the script for the film – the duty of Brett Mahoney. Filming of the project in addition to Scott Mahoney, will David Zucker.

At the moment about the future of the series is not much known. It will be a story about the vicissitudes of the relations between the Prosecutor and the lawyer, constantly arguing with each other in court, but being a happily married couple.

Premiere date has not yet been appointed.