Ricky Martin came out with new boyfriend

Рики Мартин вышел в свет с новым бойфрендом

Ricky Martin appeared for the first time with new Beau, than about himself and bragged on his page in the social network. Puerto Rican artist, who in 2010 announced he is gay, came to a gala evening of Inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo hand in hand (literally) with the London artist.

Juan new lover name is Joseph. The whole evening the men went, holding hands and in every way showed their feelings.
On his page in the social network of Ricky has posted a few pictures with Divanom, and signed them: “Yes, that’s right.”

About Devane known that he was born in Syria, raised in Sweden and now lives in London. It is considered a very talented artist.
“I was always drawing. It came to me naturally at a young age. I decided not to draw well overnight, I had to teach for a long time” — he told about himself.

We will remind that not so long ago Martin admitted in an interview that he did not object to interact closely with women, however, immediately noted that a serious relationship he will continue to build only with men.

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