Рики Мартин и Джван Йосеф поженились

46-year-old Ricky Martin and his 33-year-old lover, Juan Joseph were married. In honor of the wedding, the couple promised to arrange a Grand party.

“Now I’m a husband. We are throwing a big party in a couple of months, I will notify you. We exchanged vows and signed all the necessary papers, including a prenuptial agreement,” says the artist.

The pair met two years ago. In the fall of 2016, the couple announced their engagement. Divan artist. According to Martin, he fell first to his work, and then in the author. “When I saw his work, it is literally crazy — that’s how much they impressed me. And then I decided to contact the author,” says Martin.

An offer to the beloved singer made according to all rules. “I took a knee and produced a small metal box. I was very nervous and instead of asking if it will work, Gwen for me, said something like “I have something for you there”,” says Martin.

By the way, Ricky Martin is raising nine-year-old twins, who, got along great with Divanom. Despite this, the artist said he was thinking about the new addition to the family. “Yes, I would love to have a big family. But at the moment I have a lot of work and plus I’m getting ready for the wedding. First of all we want to do away with these matters, and then we will prepare for the adoption of children,” says Ricky.

Not only Ricky Martin and Juan Joseph entered into same-sex marriage. 30-year-old Ellen page has legalized his marriage with dancer Emma Portner and told its subscribers in instagram. So did half Ellen, sharing photos, one of which shows a wedding ring. “I can’t believe you can call this extraordinary woman my wife,” he writes under the photo Ellen.

About the relationship Paige Portner and became known in July of last year. From the moment they are not shy to put pictures together and share their feelings to each other.