Рики Мартин о знакомстве с мужем и скрытии ориентации в журнале Attitude

The Attitude magazine often publishes editions with the characters homosexual. This time the cover was decorated with Ricky Martin, who in January of this year, officially entered the marriage with his partner, Swedish artist of Syrian origin Divanom Yosef. In an interview for the latest issue of pop musician told about meeting her future husband.

Рики Мартин о знакомстве с мужем и скрытии ориентации в журнале Attitude

They met on the Internet that is currently very popular. “I met him online, we talked six months, just by sending each other messages about life and different existential problems. Nothing about sex, nothing sexual. But when I first saw him, I stopped breathing. Emotion was growing within six months, it was such a romantic time. During the first meeting I said, “I’m gonna marry this guy”. And apparently he thought the same way, only told me this later,” says Ricky about meeting and first meeting.

For many years Martin hid his homosexuality. In an interview, he explained the reason for the secrecy. “I was completely under his career. I had no time to open the doors to a new relationship, and I’m not just talking about romantic. I was afraid to just chat with people — including producers and Directors feared that if I ran with them for over two hours, they know everything about me, about my nature. I spent so much energy to hide their sexual orientation.”

Рики Мартин о знакомстве с мужем и скрытии ориентации в журнале Attitude
At the moment, Ricky Martin, 46 years old, he has two twin sons born to a surrogate mother in 2008. For a long time the singer hid their orientation under the guise of relationship with Mexican TV presenter Rebecca de Alba. For 14 years they’ve been on and off, and in 2010 he made an official recognition on your website. “I am pleased to inform you that I’m gay. I am very happy to be who I am. Years of silence and criticism made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance comes from within, what kind of truth gives me the power to fight with emotions that I didn’t even know.”

“Now I’m a husband. We are throwing a big party in a couple of months, I will notify you. We exchanged vows and signed all the necessary papers, including a prenuptial agreement,” says the artist.

The pair met two years ago. In the fall of 2016 on the Ellen DeGeneres, the couple announced their engagement. According to Martin, he fell first to his work, and then in the author. “When I saw his work, it is literally crazy — that’s how much they impressed me. And then I decided to contact the author,” says Martin.

An offer to the beloved singer made according to all rules. “I took a knee and produced a small metal box. I was very nervous and instead of asking if it will work, Gwen for me, said something like “I have something for you there”,” says Martin.