Ричард Гир женится на Алехандре Сильве: история знакомства с «дядей Ричардом»

The morning begins not with coffee, and with fresh news about Richard Gere. 68-year-old actor next month will legalize his relationship with 35-year-old Alejandra Silva. This was reported today by Spanish newspaper ABC, which, incidentally, was the first to inquire about their affair. The journalists also called the exact date of marriage — may 5, an important event will take place in Washington.

Ричард Гир женится на Алехандре Сильве: история знакомства с «дядей Ричардом»

God loves a Trinity – I hope the third marriage for Gere will be successful, and with his beautiful Spaniard he will live for many years. In 1991 he tied the knot with super model Cindy Crawford, but they lived together for only four years. After the divorce it took seven long years and a gir decided to try himself in family life, taking to wife the model Carey Lowell. In 2013, the couple filed for divorce.

After only a few months gear once again found “the one.” Alejandro. However, the girl herself was not ready for a serious relationship with a famous actor, after all, her life started out difficult period — she was divorced with Govind Friedland, the son of an American mining tycoon Robert Friedland, and new relations were not ready. But gear always been known for their persistence, so they were destined to converge. Interests in the legal field has forced Silva and Gere to be together more often, after which they began a romantic relationship.

Ричард Гир женится на Алехандре Сильве: история знакомства с «дядей Ричардом»

In the summer of 2015, Tim McGraw and Silva gave the first occasion to talk about the affair. Together they flew to Sicily to participate in the festival “Taormina”. However, to go along with the favorite on the red carpet in front of the cameras of the paparazzi, the actor couldn’t, and decided to leave the relationship with Alejandra in secret, but all subsequent events took place in full force.

“I recently divorced. With regard to formal wedding — no. But maybe we’ll have a party,” said Silva, when asked about marriage on the red carpet in June last year.

Last December on the ring finger of Silva noticed the big diamond ring, very similar to an engagement. So the upcoming wedding was only a matter of time.

Familiar actor and the Spanish beauty for 15 years. First gear came on a visit to a construction magnate and the Vice-President of football club “real Madrid” Ignacio Silva, when his daughter was not yet 18 years old.

“As Buddhists, we met many lifetimes ago,” describes his relationship with Gere Alejandra Spanish journalists.

Then Alejandra called her now future husband “uncle Richard” and on the future relationship even thought, because she was interested in the players, in particular – the famous Brazilian Roberto Carlos, with whom she had an affair. The novel was over eight years ago Alejandra has tied the knot with the Scion of a business dynasty, the son of an influential financier, businessman Gowanda Friedland.

Ричард Гир женится на Алехандре Сильве: история знакомства с «дядей Ричардом»

All the while, Gil was with her — supporting and was a personal mentor.

“We worked together on the charity, said Alejandra. I wanted to help the homeless and the poor. Richard showed how it’s done.” The turning point in relations came after the actor was introduced by a friend with his friend the Dalai Lama. “Alejandra first fell in love with the incredible emotions that Richard gave her, say her friends. — And then himself.”