Richard Gere in Moscow, presented his girlfriend

Ричард Гир в Москве представил свою девушку
The details of the Hollywood stars stay in the Russian capital.

Elena Sever, Richard Gere and Alexandra Silva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Richard Gere arrived in Moscow to participate in the presentation of the International professional music Award “BraVo”. “I first visited Russia in 1989, and, of course, Moscow since fantastically transformed,” admitted the actor.

The company of Hollywood celebrities, who since “Beauty” did not lose a single gram of his charisma and charm, was a young Spanish actress Alexandra Silva. “When I learned that the award “BraVo” will be given at the Bolshoi theatre, I was very happy, because to get this stunning theater was my dream,” admitted Richard.

Recall that Geer and Silva started Dating almost two years ago — in the summer of 2015. They rarely appear together at official events and parties. Since then, however, as Geer announced his intention to divorce his second wife Cary Lowell, mother of his only son, Homer, Richard and Silva live together. About the current girlfriend of the actor is known not too much. Alejandra was born in Spain but educated in the UK. She is the former wife of the American millionaire Robert Fridland, from this marriage she has a son Alejandro.