Richard Gere divorced his wife after four years of negotiations

Ричард Гир развелся с женой после четырех лет переговоров

67-year-old actor and his 55-year-old wife, actress and former model Carey Lowell finally managed to agree and sign the divorce papers.

Gir and Laurel said about the separation in 2011, but officially divorced just now. The couple could not divide marital property, which amounted to about $120 million. it is Noteworthy that in the court of celebrity, the interests of each were represented by their lawyer. But even more interesting is that the results of the agreement of the actors have remained a mystery: how did they split the money, known only to the lawyers and the judge.

The actors did not comment on the divorce, but, say the insiders, do not communicate with each other. Their common son Homer, which this year was 16, still live with mom, but maintains contact with his father.

The initiator of the break, we will remind, became Cary. In an interview she stated that she and her husband have become too different: she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and he prefers solitude and pilgrimage in Tibet (in 2004 Richard presented his photo exhibition “Pilgrim”).

With the layouts all seemed to gir after the divorce alone with Buddhism. But it’s not! Not so long ago the star of “Hachiko” and “Beauty” came out with 33-year-old journalist Alejandra Silva, who was previously married to millionaire Govind Friedland. See the photos HERE.

Currently, fans of the actor are wondering: will decide whether Richard was in another marriage? If so, it will be his third. To Cary Geer was the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

By the way, the end of 2016 was rich with starry stains. About a month ago model Kate moss and guitarist of The Kills, Jamie Hinz, and yesterday the actress Nicole Kidman has announced that she wants to leave her husband Keith Urba…

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