Ричард Гир решил оставить Голливуд ради женитьбы на молодой любовнице
The actor wants to start a new life

Ричард Гир решил оставить Голливуд ради женитьбы на молодой любовнице

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

Photo: Splash News/East news

Fans of Richard Gere saddened — it became known that the actor
decided to retire, to start a new, normal family life. It
wants to marry again and have more children — but not in Hollywood. About it
reported by the publication “National Enquirer”.

Since then, as 66-year-old actor fell in love with 33-year-old
Spanish beauty Alejandra Silva, in his life, much has changed. Gear,
which managed to pull in nearly six dozen films, decided
it’s time to think about retiring. The fact that the previous marriage of the actor — actress
Carey Lowell is collapsed, as
claim, because could not stand the pressure exerted on inhabitants
Hollywood “life under the microscope” — that is, under the continuous surveillance of the press.

Cary and Richard have lived together for 11 years, raising a son
Homer. But the constant gossip in the media about the alleged it, it
infidelity broke up their marriage. And now more than two and a half years, they
nothing can complete your divorce process. On joint custody
the son of Gere and Lowell have agreed for a long time, but I can’t divide 250 million
the state of the actor. However, according to that gear so can’t wait
to marry Alejandra that he decided to make concessions.

As told by a friend of the actor, Richard has already planned
your wedding. A committed Buddhist, Gere wants to hold the ceremony certainly
Tibet, as before, to
the blessing of the Dalai Lama. Then gir, which is now with big discounts
sells its U.S. real estate, is going to move with his young wife in
Europe. Alejandra Silva also declared readiness to enter into a new marriage. It
now completely free with the recently concluded divorce from her former husband, son of American magnate Govinda Fridlandom. She also has a son from this marriage.

Richard Gere

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