Richard Gere came to the premiere with his young mistress

Ричард Гир пришел на премьеру с молодой любовницей
Girlfriend of actor effectively demonstrated your figure.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva


Richard Gere has already turned 67лет, he’s still looking ladies all
ages. However, at the recent premiere of the film “Norman,” where the actor played
title role, all eyes were turned
not a veteran of Hollywood, and his companion.

Alejandra Silva has chosen for his appearance on the red carpet is very
a spectacular outfit. Not only that, Canary-yellow dresses unwittingly already
itself attracted attention, style dress of the young beauty too
proved to be very effective. The fact that the transparent insert in the garb
Alejandra allowed to partially see her Breasts, and because Silva decided
apparently, that under the dress should not wear underwear, it seemed
pretty juicy, although not beyond the limits of decency.

Gear for his appearance at the premiere chose a modest suit with
blue silk shirt. However, he seems did not seek to attract
attention. Richard managed to get tired of the crowds of fans for more than 40 years
a career in Hollywood. So he was quite happy with the success of the companion.

Geer and Silva started Dating almost two years ago — in the summer of 2015, they rarely appear together at public events and get-togethers.
Since then, however, as Geer announced his intention to divorce his second wife
Carey Lowell, the mother of his only son, Homer, Richard and Silva live together.
About the current girlfriend of the actor is known not too much. Alejandra was born in
Spain, but educated in the UK. She is a former spouse
American millionaire Robert Fridland, from this marriage she has a son Alejandro.