Ричард Брэнсон стал четырежды дедом

One of the richest people in the UK, founder of Virgin, Richard Branson has again become a grandfather. The businessman was born fourth grandson, who was named Bluey.

The news about the birth of another muzhchinki shared on Instagram Sam Branson, where he posted a very funny and nice picture with a newborn and the baby’s father – Sam.

“In our family really like surprises, so we try not to learn the sex of a child before birth. But Bluey, I made an unexpected mistake, admitted Richard. — When he was born, I let it slip. As you can see in the video, I literally screamed in joy! My poor daughter Holly lost the opportunity to learn personally from Sam the baby, because she still didn’t know what Sam’s wife belly gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy… We were all absolutely overjoyed!”

Recall that Bluey was the fourth grandson of the businessman. His son Sam is father to the girls of eve-Day (2015), and his daughter Holly in 2014 gave birth to twins Artie and Etta.