Rezo Gigineishvili didn’t even think to ask money from the father of Nikita Mikhalkov

Резо Гигинеишвили даже не думал просить денег у тестя Никиты Михалкова
The movie “hostage” directed by Rezo Gigineishvili before the release on the big screen made a lot of noise.

Резо Гигинеишвили даже не думал просить денег у тестя Никиты Михалкова

At the premiere screening of the picture Rezo said that he had to seek financial help from friends.

“It was not about some millions, sometimes require a ridiculous terms of filmmaking and its magnitude is ten or twenty thousand rubles, to quickly plug the hole, to repay the source of tension. Conventionally speaking, to pay the rent of equipment, to solve another immediate problem,” frankly replied the Director told reporters.

To the question did he ask money from father-in-law of Nikita Mikhalkov, razo admitted that he had not even thought about it.

“I was even in a head did not come. That honestly! What I know and can do in the profession, I acquired largely due night get-togethers with Nikita Sergeyevich, his stories about the movie. And of course, the lessons of my masters at the University of Marlen Khutsiyev and friend Fyodor Bondarchuk, which I did the first practical steps in the craft. In this sense, the advice of Nikita Mikhalkov is priceless. But asking money from him…” – told Gigineishvili.

Rezo admits that Nikita Mikhalkov has not seen this picture, and he is very worried how it will react famous father-in-law.

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