Ревва назвал истинные причины популярности Бузовой The singer gave a Frank interview, discussing the modern show-business. Alexander Revva sure that the leading “House-2” has deservedly achieved such phenomenal demand. In his opinion, success depends on the persistence and diligence of man.
Ревва назвал истинные причины популярности Бузовой

Alexander Revva in just a few years managed to turn from a comedian into one of the most popular singers of the country. The man has toured throughout Russia and is friends with many colleagues across the stage. He manages to maintain creative individuality, recording one hit after another.

In a recent interview Revva told about the reasons of a breakthrough in his career. The singer couldn’t ignore the sudden success of Olga Buzova on the stage. According to the actor, the TV presenter earned the status as one of the most popular girls in the country.

“I think that a natural gift, a kind of energy inherent in mother’s milk, charm, the ability intuition. We live in an era where, as they say, every time has its heroes. Olga proved to all that man can succeed if he will to invest in themselves, in creativity, in his thought, in his charisma. She proved that, my friends, everyone can become a star, you know? Natural qualities, of course, but you have to know your talent, to see him develop,” said Alexander.

The singer is sure that the success Buzova is largely due to its natural determination. She actually used to work every day, spending all free time on the set and in the Studio. Olga with incredible speed records new hits, managing to tour around the country.

Fans do not get tired amazed at the health of the presenter, who sleeps 3-4 hours a day because doing everything for her beloved art. By the way, Alexander Revva used to work tirelessly, not only performing, but also acting in a movie. This artist for many years, retains the title of the main sex symbol of the country.

According to Alexander, it is important to not only have an attractive appearance, but also have a certain energy that attracts people. The artist also called stars of the Russian show business, which considers most sexy.

“It’s Svetlana Loboda. This Brezhnev Faith. In fact, all I can list, and the list, and they will be offended. Everything is on a subconscious, emotional level”, – said the actor.

Dealing with “Ren-TV” Revva said that despite all the successes in the career, it sometimes catches up with depression. According to star, it is enough to communicate with his wife and children, to drive away sad thoughts. That relatives are the main inspiration of Alexander, stimulating him to new creative achievements.