«Ревизорро» снова в эпицентре судебного скандала!
7days.EN publishes official statement of the representatives of the channel “Friday!”.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: “Friday!”

Today the Arbitration court of Moscow
has registered the statement of claim about protection of business reputation of the channel

One of the flagship shows of the channel — social project
“Revizorro” — not the first to withstand the attacks of critics in his address. As
the rule in fraud and bribery program accuse representatives
institutions, miserably failed the test or person wishing to increase
own media through reviews about the popular project.

“All this time the representatives of the channel
“Friday!” patiently explain and prove the falsity of such rumors and allegations
— says the official representative of the channel. — With the same
patient treated to rudeness, accusations and insults leading the project
“Revizorro” and the entire crew. The program “revizorro” does not discriminate
between his fans and critics: her crew works with the risk
for life produces information for the common good. The program works always
worked solely in the interests of the viewer. In response to the same paradoxical way
came insults, groundless accusations and even calls for the murder
leading “Revizorro” on the part of the audience.

In the first week of December in the vast web turned
a vigorous discussion of the episode of the programme about the restaurant “Odessa-Mama”. It is divided
social media commentators into two camps, one of which did not outright disdain

The TV channel “Friday!” decided to go in
The arbitration court of Moscow on the following basis: free Internet on the pages of international
the social network registered users was extended
information, which contains information, the defamatory nature, not
correspond to reality and, according to article 150 of the civil code,
damaging the business reputation of LLC “Television company Friday”.

The published information contained in
the affirmative form does not contain a value judgment, not an expression
subjective opinion and can be checked for compliance
reality. Thus, the TV channel “Friday!” asks the court to declare not
corresponding to reality and defaming the business reputation of the statements of several
dozens of users, including: Ilya
Vitinov, Arthur Pasahow,Mikhail Mironov, Zhanna Nesterova”.