Рецензия на фильм «И грянул шторм» (The Finest Hours, 2016)

Disaster movies always attract the attention of the viewer, if the film was shot efficiently. “And came the storm” can be attributed to these paintings. This is not the opinion of one viewer, and the opinion of the whole group of critics, can easily be checked by reading reviews http://procritic.ru.

The events in the film takes place in 1952 on the coast of New England. A terrible storm in the ocean injures two oil tanker. Only one of them was able to send a distress signal. All boats coast guard went to rescue this tanker. On the radar screen was still another point. No one could understand on the Bank, what kind of ship.

Bernie Weber, the captain of the crew of the coast guard, along with assistant captain, a mechanic and a sailor go in search of the “Pendleton”. The ship is sinking. The surviving members of the crew tried to land the ship aground. Between them there are differences, but it does not prevent to build a new wheel. Through these efforts, managed to land the ship temporarily stranded.

The main character Bernie Weber played by Chris pine. He plays the role of an insecure guy who always tries to live by the rules. When they got the distress signal from the tanker, many boats coast guard responded to help. Bernie was ordered to tie all the fishing boats near the shore. But when it was discovered that the second tanker was also damaged and is sinking, that Weber was assigned to lead the crew of the salvation. Very interesting to watch the acting at this point. A storm of emotions overwhelms the main character: try to get out of the Bay into the ocean, which at the time is equivalent to the feat, or go for a swim in the Bay and return home. Bernie decides to go into the ocean. The waves are so huge that the boat dives into them fully, plunging into the water. The struggle for life is so wonderfully transmitted through the game actors, which is impossible to look away to the side. No less tragically, the “Pendleton” tries to save the sinking ship. Water is present everywhere. Senior engineer played by Casey Affleck. His hero is as indecisive as the hero Bernie. But both heroes at the right time showed his character. Bernie – I went through the fear, doubt, showed courage and found a survivor. Hero Casey took responsibility for the entire crew. He was able to figure out how not to drown at once to gain time. A team of 33 crew members follow the instructions of the hero of Casey.

The film “sound of storm” is the story of the struggle of people with nature. The picture is good. View this film and not regret it.

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