Reverse: Depp wants to return to Paradi

Обратный ход: Депп хочет вернуться к Паради

As journalists found out, the couple already went out on a date.

More recently, we were worried about johnny Depp, which went through a painful divorce with his young wife amber heard. But, it seems, a black stripe in the life of Hollywood actor left behind – he’s already found a new passion. And who would it be? His former common-law wife and the mother of his children Vanessa Paradis!

In any case, according to the Western media. According to insiders, Vanessa flew in from France to Los Angeles on business and stopped to visit. And in the evening they went out to one of the local bars.

“Johnny just couldn’t take my eyes off of the former civil wife, constantly showered her with compliments and tried to touch her at every possible opportunity. And Vanessa blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl – she was obviously incredibly nice attentions from the father of her children,” – said a source close to the artists magazine Grazia.

By the way, recently the daughter of Depp and Paradis Lily-rose also hinted at a possible reunion of parents in an interview with Vogue magazine. The girl told her father and mother were not interrupted communication, and recently started calling each other more often.

Well, to reunite the star couple, there is no obstacle. Johnny for several months as an official single. And Vanessa last year broke up with musician Benjamin Beale. By the way, according to rumors, he left Paradis for her girlfriend, so we can assume that the French now also in dire need of comfort… Maybe, johnny will be able to step twice into the same river?