Revenge Volochkova: the dancer prepares your performance

Месть Волочковой: балерина готовит свой спектакль

The blonde star said that does not intend to leave the theatrical stage.

What can we say, ingenuity Volochkova has no equal! Not had time to subside sensation with its removal from the play “a man Came to the woman,” as she announced that it is preparing its own entreprise. You do anything to drive it around the whole of Russia.

“My dear Joseph Leonidovich and said, I am sincerely thankful for our brotherhood, unity, for positive! For my first experience in the drama with you! Believe that such a hurricane as I was not in your theater. And as your told, never will be. Take care of each other. Do not swear never again! In any case, this abuse I witness the more I will not… I will make your entreprise you will soon find out. And drove it across Russia. Freely and independently that I tend”, – Anastasia wrote in his Instagram.

Other details of the ballerina said. Yes, however, they are not needed. After all, the cashier will make any fans Volochkova. Suffice it to recall what was sold out at the premiere of “School of modern play”. In other words, whatever up to prima, the audience will not lack.

Recall that the rehearsals in performance at the School of modern drama Volochkova launched a few months ago. For controversial ballerina has prepared the role of a lonely telephone operator Dina Fedorovna. Costar, a lone pharmacist, played by experienced actor said Bugs. The premiere was held in early April.

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