Откровения принцессы Дианы повергли Британию в шок

This year the British and served the Queen Elizabeth experienced a real shock, as Princess Diana said about the mistress of her husband, Prince Charles, and about their experiences during the marriage. 17 June, there was a reprint of the famous biography life of Princess Diana called “Diana. Her true story” writer Andrew Morton, which was supplemented by the scandalous lyrics.

Откровения принцессы Дианы повергли Британию в шок

For the first time the book was published in 1992 and have covered many aspects of the life of the wife of Prince Charles, which had no idea common people. Princess biographer Morton recorded the video, where Diana had personally confessed their feelings at the expense of the marriage. The writer did not publish all the material in his book because Diana asked him to divulge all when the time is right.

Here is the time come, after all, August 31, marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Those who can’t read the whole book, you can find scandalous information on the net.

After reading the book, many have learned that during a legal marriage with Princess Diana, Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. But Diana told about his childhood. Not enough experiences came as a child when her father, John Spencer found a couple after a divorce with the mother of his daughter:

“We have not found common language with her stepmother. It is a very complicated person. Besides, once in 1978 my father had bleeding in the brain, she forbade the nurses to let us to him. I don’t know what he was thinking. Maybe he thought we abandoned him, but it wasn’t! I was very hurt,” written in the book.

But most of all the places in his story on the records of royalty paid for a marriage with Charles. Their wedding was in 1981. On the way to the altar, where her husband waited, she searched the crowd of guests Camille — lover Charles. But despite the long experience, which honeymoon in tears, Diana loved her husband. “I remember I was so in love with my husband, I couldn’t tear my eyes off him. It seemed to me that I’m the happiest girl in the world. I thought that he would take care of me. In this I was wrong.”

Откровения принцессы Дианы повергли Британию в шок

The fact that the Prince had a mistress, knew almost everything, but what they practice “sex by phone” — shocked everyone. Records Diana told about how she could hear their conversations on topics about sex. She even gave specific dialogues lovers.

Diana was not going to leave it just so, and the reproaches I received only this response — “I’m not gonna be the first in the history of Britain, the Prince of Wales that will have no mistress!” angrily replied the direct heir to the throne. Very disappointed, and the Queen herself, because she wanted to influence his son. At the request of Diana to intervene and to reason with him, she only replied that he was hopeless.

After the publication of these records, the rating Prince Charles got down to the 22 per cent. This can greatly affect the history of the whole of Britain. The Prince can abdicate the throne in favor of his son.