Откровения Артема Ткаченко о родах жены: «Было очень страшно»
The actor was present at the birth of their son Stepan.

Откровения Артема Ткаченко о родах жены: «Было очень страшно»

Artem Tkachenko with his wife Catherine Stabling and Pavel Derevyanko

Photo: @pablo_derevyanko Instagram of Pavel Derevyanko

Artem Tkachenko recently shared candid details of birth of his younger son Stepan, who was born in November last year. The actor first said that he personally was present on childbirth of the wife — Catherine Stabling. In the process of the birth of a son Tkachenko has experienced serious stress: it is very much worried wife and unborn child. Birth Catherine was held naturally in the water, accompanied by pleasant music.

“It was a nervous story. If a woman during childbirth is disconnected, the man, by contrast, is on the ground and feels like he’s giving birth. Periods it was very scary. Although, of course, is to recognize that it really is a sacred moment that pulls together, takes the relationship to another level!” — open up the artist. The birth of Catherine, as reported by a couple, held naturally in the water, and the presence Artem insisted Steblina. “I really wanted to attend the birth. They have been natural – music, a bathtub, water, candles…” commented the wife of Artem.

We will remind that quite recently, Tkachenko and Steblina noisily celebrating a wedding. In celebration of the actor was attended by many friends of the star couple.

Ekaterina Steblina with his son Stepan

Photo: @tematkach Instagram of Artem Tkachenko

Catherine said that officially signed with her husband on the eighth month of pregnancy, but the celebration was postponed to the time when their son is a little older. “Now Stepan 9 months, quite conscious age, to give mom to have fun at the wedding!” — Steblina shared with OK!.