Revealing outfit betrayed the secret Nyusha

Откровенный наряд выдал тайну Нюши
The figure of the singer has caused controversy in social networks.


Photo: Social networks

Recently, in secular circles, it was rumored that Jane is pregnant. There is a perception that the artist is in the early stages and yet hides his “situation”. The day before she gave a big solo concert in St. Petersburg. The attention of fans was focused on the figure of the artist: fans tried to discern whether she had the rounded belly or not?

The appearance on the scene Nyusha in a revealing white attire only “added fuel” in a heated debate fans. During the dance concert costume opened the stomach of the artist. It is worth noting that the NYSE is really no longer observed the old press is ideal, but it is connected not only with possible pregnancy. Moreover, the performer of today complained to media that can’t lose weight. But after the summer she will start sooner than others. In may, Jane will be leaving on tour to Turkey, where you will demonstrate a perfect shape.

However, many fans are confident in the pregnancy of the actress and even not for a moment doubt that Nyusha waiting for the firstborn. Especially because last week she was spotted in the perinatal center, where presumably she will soon give birth. The artist receives congratulations from fans. Neither the performer nor Igor Sivov, her husband, the rumors have not yet commented.