Revealed the secret harmony of Ekaterina Klimova

Раскрыт секрет стройности Екатерины Климовой
The actress told how the product helps her to be always in great shape.

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Ekaterina Klimova is the owner of a beautiful slender
figure. Looking for 38-year-old mother of four, a sigh: “of Course, her
personal dietitian and specialists from the most expensive salons and fitness clubs, the usual
a woman can not afford”. But the actress such statements do not agree.

Klimova said that proper nutrition and sport is all her
secrets. But there is another little secret of the chiseled figure of the actress — cheese.
Klimova said that she liked this product not only she, but all her household.
“Cheese in our family loved it. Usually
for Breakfast we have pancakes with cottage cheese, cheesecakes , quiches, or just cheese
whipped with a mixer with berries are the most favorite dishes, ” says Catherine. —Moreover, it is not only delicious, but also
very useful, because with cottage cheese contains lots of calcium, which is necessary and
for children and adults. So I’m happy to join the social
marathon “Three dairy products per day.”

Recall that in one interview Klimov said about the health
family begins to think not in the kitchen, and in the store: she always very carefully
looking at the time of manufacture and packaging of the product. “Be sure to carry
a bottle of water. My rate is a liter of clean water per day (in addition to soup, tea, coffee).
Water helps when you are hungry and hand only chips. ” — said Klimov. But after six in the evening with
liquids have to be careful to not get up in the morning to edema. Do not eat
deliberately harmful or high-calorie food: fatty pork, for example. But
a bit of good fat in me. Instead of fried potato baked cook —
my children adore her. Soda buy only if during your vacation in
the distant country was an upset stomach: for some reason, these “chemical”
drinks help in such cases.”

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