Reunited Dzhigurda and Anisina hinted at the addition to the family

Воссоединившиеся Джигурда и Анисина намекнули на пополнение в семье The famous figure skater told about the relationship with the actor. Dzhigurda and Anisina shared pictures from a holiday on the coast of France and explained that all their conflicts in the past, and now they begin a new phase of life.

Followers of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those were a pleasant surprise. The pair, who recently officially divorced, reunited. The Olympic champion and the actor gave a romantic getaway to Arcachon in the South-West of France on the occasion of desyatiletiya from the day of the wedding. Marina decided to inform his followers that he and Nikita were able to move past all the resentment each other and forget the conflicts. The woman explained that they suffered from slander, which spread throughout the society.

Nikita Dzhigurda on the Marina Anisina: “We are together again and we will have a third child”

“Don’t judge me. I forgave the Least! Nikita is the father of my children who swear by him. If you knew what I know, would have done the same! Around us a lot of slander and lies! But we won! Maybe it’s corny, but without love, the world will drown in evil and in the war! I know I loved and love. Learn to forgive, and you win, too,” said Nikita.

In the microblog Dzhigurda appeared the video, which the couple sing songs and recite popular poems. Marina and Nikita look very happy and cheerful. “Who crisanti could not divorce, he will not attain the upper class! Don’t wait for happiness through the year, be happy now” – he described its as a famous actor.

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Subscribers celebrities surprised by their decision. Some users of the social network suggested that in life Dzhigurda and Anisina occurred any event which has helped spouses to re-inflamed the feelings for each other. Followers of the actor suggested that the Marina expecting a third child, since in all the pictures she captured only the chest, and a spacious summer dress hides figure athletes.

“Oh, it’s you in the tummy kissing? Have baby? Congratulations!”, “Anisina pregnant. Cool! In this video, I saw it”, “I also thought that she was in position. She has beautiful children, though still giving birth”, “I am for you Marina very happy!” – wrote in the comments fans Dzhigurda.

In turn, members of the Marina have supported her decision to get back together with Nikita. Many women believe that only the athlete knows what her husband really is, outside of the cameras and the set. Followers praised Anisina for the wisdom. “Women should be able to forgive! Otherwise the war… thanks again for your support!” – thanked the athlete microblogging users.