Retired Katia Semenova spoke about the challenges in life

Ушедшая на пенсию Катя Семенова рассказала о жизненных испытаниях The artist admitted that he tries not to lose the positive attitude. About a year star of the 80s very rare, and is enjoying another role – grandmother. According to Ekaterina Semenova, very pleased with her new role.

The star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova rarely takes part in concerts, preferring to spend time with family and friends. The singer’s hits “Friend married for a long time” and “just a minute” admitted that he still writes the lyrics for songs and music, but about a year it is considered a pensioner. The woman did not complain at the current situation, and tries to find it even the pros.

“My classmates, with whom I am friends, for this reason developed depression. And I have the opposite problem: I any your birthday, perceive perfectly. Pension I like it too, because it gives you free travel on public transport. So everywhere you can find advantages,” – said Semyonov.

Besides, some time ago Ekaterina Leonidovna became a grandmother. About 10 years ago, her son, engineer Ivan Baturin was born the heir of Matthew. Only when the grandson was born, she was even afraid to take the kid on hands. According to star, she used to be sharper in the upbringing of children. Semenova says that with his son-a baby she did not stand on ceremony: not overly took care of him and was afraid of nothing.

“The first day I bought Cribs, strollers, and the second ran to the hospital. At her sister She asked: “may I hold it?” She gave grandson in his arms. I still remember all the sensations you felt then. Never do a manicure, but then I thought that I grew claws. Until such time as were the parents daughter-in-law, it took forty minutes. I was sitting with Matvei! on his hands and was afraid to move. And suddenly will fall? In youth we may not realize it. And now to the whole different attitude, a more cautious”, – explained the artist.

Catherine Semenova was deprived of the attention of parents, than regret a lifetime. The father died when the future singer was only six, and in five years she lost her mother. Kate was raised by an older sister. The woman admits that she did not understand why these tests have been allotted to her.

“I still live with a sense of injustice. Many girls of my age still have mothers, and I the word is not pronounced more than forty five years! All the family that I had, did not. And I see no explanation why it happened. When I arrive at the cemetery where they all are, except feelings of resentment, I have nothing,” – said Semenov “Abedinico”.