Неугомонная  Деми Мур закрутила новый страстный роман
55-year-old actress is trying to change.

Неугомонная  Деми Мур закрутила новый страстный роман

Demi Moore


Ed Helms


As told to Radaronline, one of the friends demi Moore, 55-year-old actress again
fell in love with. This time her boyfriend was ed Helms, cavalier
unusually for an actress age — he’s only 11 years younger than she is. Ed —
the actor, who gained fame thanks to the franchise “the Hangover”. With Moore he
met when they starred together recently in the Comedy Corporate Animals.

Compared to previous Boyfriends, demi, ed
looks like an elderly man. Because before him she was Dating young
people that were her age 20-25 years. So many years shared demi
and her former fellow Sean Friday and Vito Schnabel, the man who
subsequently moved on to Heidi Klum. A couple of “former” actress age
came much more than her eldest daughter Rumer. So, a young restaurateur
Harry Morton was when he was Dating demi, was only 19 years old! It is said that before Rumer
was terribly angry with the mother: she openly flirted with dancer Val
Chmerkovskiy, with whom the daughter demi was performing in the show “Dancing with the stars.” However,
the penultimate object of fascination of the actress was a bit older, Tobey Maguire,
with whom she had a brief affair last year, younger actress is not on
a quarter of a century and only 13 years old.

It seems that Moore has finally heeded the advice that
she gave her friends: do not mess with too young musicname as prospects
in these relationships often was not optimistic. Even the second from the once who adored her former husbands demi — Ashton Kutcher,
that was 16 years younger than Moore,
left her for a much younger Mila kunis.