Ресторатор Андрей Грязнов о бизнесе, дружбе со звёздами и их вкусовых пристрастиях
Meet Andrew Gryaznov, co-owner of beer restaurants “Prazhechka”, “Dubinin”, bars “Cernovar”, Moscow, restaurant “Cernovar” Saint-Petersburg, restaurant “O ‘ connells”, family restaurant “Special place”.

Ресторатор Андрей Грязнов о бизнесе, дружбе со звёздами и их вкусовых пристрастиях

Star.ru: Tell us how many of the stars visited your restaurants? What do you usually order? What they have gastronomic taste?

Andrey Gryaznov: you Know , I’m friends with many races, but for me they are just people and we communicate that is why , not because I’m a restaurateur , and they are the Stars ! Of course I am pleased when they visit my Restaurants or bars , even when I’m not there. We all have different taste, it’s meat , who likes blood , but who deep fried a steak, well, there are those who do not eat meat. Those famous people that often travel around the world on tour sometimes prefer very ordinary food, cooked, of course sometimes someone wants a refined gastronomy, but I have popular Restaurants , so on. Delicious and easy ! Although there was a case when one singer brought with him from a trip feeble cheese and tuna and really asked us to cook it , and the recipe said )), we gladly did it, even himself was interesting . You know the Stars are different , someone very picky about the service, someone naughty ( this is not it) in different ways, but the more interesting is the fact that the capricious star the less of the tip to the waiters she leaves, and the waiters of course this upset.

Star.ru: You called the Creator of gastronomic Paradise. What do you mean by this broad concept?

Andrey Gryaznov: I create projects for people . The main thing that was tasty , not pretentious , and tasty . After all, what is food? Food is memories! You will find the same taste that you ever before or anywhere like it . You will see the menu know the name and order it in hopes of getting exactly what you ever tried .After all, sometimes for a delicious dessert for example , many ready to go somewhere special . I’m trying to create my restaurants, each found a dish . And when delicious , it’s also a Paradise)) when I receive great reviews from the guests I understand that I can do that ! Therefore, I send them out in the gastronomic Paradise of pleasure ! Even simple food can be very tasty ))

Ресторатор Андрей Грязнов о бизнесе, дружбе со звёздами и их вкусовых пристрастиях

Star.ru: How hard is it to beat the competition?

Andrey Gryaznov: I Know I’m not trying to beat the competition, I don’t race or competition . I’m just doing what I love . I was very lucky , I love my job , restaurants are my life, I can’t know exactly realizing this , I try to learn to grow , serve trends in the restaurant market, not shy what to look at and to try , to take risks and experiment . You know , like every actor , has his own audience, and each restaurant has its own guest , you just need it to know and feed )))

Star.ru: the last time you quite often on radio, TV. What’s the secret of your media?

Andrey Gryaznov: I’m being told I don’t look bad in the frame )) but seriously I find it hard to answer this question , because someone seems to be that I often appear on TV and radio , and who is not! Chickpea’s all relative . I’m in the restaurant business for over 20 years, opened in Russia for more than 40 Restaurant projects and I am pleased that today my knowledge and experience can be someone interesting, I never came up with the theory , all the errors and bumps I was getting on his experience, falling and rising. Or maybe I just came to the age where he may have shared his knowledge ! I already know how to open a restaurant , which can be the pride of your business!

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