Residents of Prague did not recognize the street musician, the star of the “Harry Potter”

Жители Праги не узнали в уличном музыканте звезду «Гарри Поттера»

Tom Felton, British actor, masterfully played Draco Malfoy in the potterian remained unrecognized during his impromptu concert in Prague. Since the release of the last part of “Harry Potter” it’s been six years. Since then, Tom has played several roles in movies and became heavily involved in music. As a musician he had appeared in the Czech capital.

Yesterday on his page in social network Instagram Felton posted a video in which he plays the guitar, standing in the middle of the street in Prague. Thousands of locals and tourists just pass by, not knowing that in front of them is playing a movie star.
Some subscribers protested Tom inadvertently passing by, and some even would have given a lot. to swap places with onlookers.