Resident of India gave birth to first child at age 70

Жительница Индии родила первенца в 70 лет

In India there has been a surprising case: a 70-year-old woman first became a mother. Daljinder Kaur, a resident of the Indian state of Haryana, gave birth to a boy on April 19, however it became known of it just now.

An elderly Indian woman got pregnant after she for two years was undergoing in vitro fertilization. The child’s father is 79-year-old Kaur, spouse of Daljinder.

Doctor Bishnoi Anurag in an interview to Indian newspaper Hindustan Times said that initially he was quite skeptical about the desire to get pregnant Kaur. The doctor has conducted all the necessary tests which proved that a woman can deliver a healthy baby.

Жительница Индии родила первенца в 70 лет

Note that this is not the only case, when a woman at an advanced age could carry and bear a child. So, in November 2008, the Indian woman Rajo Devi Lohan also managed to get pregnant and have a baby at the time she was 70 years old. However, generations of women have passed with complications: Devi was on the verge of life and death. In the end, a month before the deadline, the woman gave birth to healthy twins — a boy and a girl.

Note that in the beginning of may it became known that the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, which is about to celebrate 50 years, for the first time will become a mother.

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