Resident of Comedy Club, starred in “the University”

Резидент Comedy Club снялся в «Универе»
Ivan Pyshnenko first played in the series.

Ivan Pyshnenko and Anna Khilkevich

Photo: TNT

Resident of Comedy Club will play the charming son of the chief Masha
Belova in the new series “Univer”. In the story, the girl decides to slightly
to advance your career with the easy business of flirting. However, in
the end everything will be not so harmless, as suggested by Belova.

“My character is
pretty romantic, amorous, young gigolo. He enjoys women
older and tries to be thoughtful but flawed due to the overwhelming
his emotions and feelings — says Ivan Pyshnenko. — On the set of “Uni” all
is fast and fun. However, I was a little weird not to
feedback from the audience on what is happening on stage. Then the Director, and
the other guys already know the script and they are hard to make laugh. And when the Director
said, “Stop! Cut! Was!”, I didn’t understand — what happened? Like no reaction
was not. In General, I liked to play in “the University”. But I believe that my
the character is not revealed until the end!”.

Writers often enter into the episodic characters
to diversify the plot. And sometimes they are so popular with viewers that they return
on a regular basis. Perhaps this is the case!