Resident of Comedy Club first appeared in a feature film

Резидент Comedy Club впервые снялся в полнометражном фильме
Finished shooting the Thriller “Pain threshold”.

Резидент Comedy Club впервые снялся в полнометражном фильме

Filming of “Pain Threshold”

In Moscow finished shooting period film “Pain threshold” of the Director
Andrei Simonov. The main part of filming took place in the Altai mountains, in Moscow
passed dosemki a kink in one of the capital’s clubs, where the plot
the main characters enter his car in the accident.

The film captures the result of the scandalous
Accident four Muscovites — two friends and their girls are forced to leave the capital
in the Altai mountains. They want to relax, but come back in
an extreme situation, where each will manifest its own character and encounter
own demons. At stake — friendship, love and the opportunity to stay in

“Of course, working in
the wild Mountain Altai was not easy – not native environment
asphalt and concrete, — said the Director
Andrey Simonov had to learn a mountain stream. And it
the ever-changing conditions: today it’s peaceful and quiet, and tomorrow – stormy
with mad boulders and craters, and you must jump actors. On the other
hand, this also had its advantages. The actors are not Squirting water, and
they portrayed the descent, they really floated on the rivers, and all their emotions were
real. Periodically we got into an extreme situation. In some
time actress Natalia skomorokhova without serious means of protection was
in the threshold due to the fact that her boat was unhooked from the operator. Had enough
difficult to decide on one more, but Natasha has conquered his fear. Roma Curtin
at all eager to do everything himself, he was eager and all, but we took care of them and
tried to once again avoid dangerous situations. Even for the stunt it was
dangerous stunts. One girl’s bottom threshold of 100 meters, it is almost
dragged on all the stones, but the trick she performed. To make the picture
very realistic, used camera GоPro and copter – we
set the task to the rapids looked in the movie as accurate as possible”.

One of the roles in
played resident of Comedy Club Sergey Gorelikov.

“For me, this film
about the re-education of adults, he said. — Past a certain
age, because of the circumstances they find a place and do not know what they
to do so, and are living it. And in other circumstances they would have
to change. The theme of infantile people is very acute in our time, personally
I rarely have to meet with the Golden youth. I work a lot and
do not go to the party, and all my free time I spend at home, or choose not
such a pretentious place.”

Filming of “Pain threshold”