Resident of Comedy Club Anton lirnyk became a father

Резидент Comedy Club Антон Лирник стал отцом The wife of the showman gave birth to a daughter. Anton lirnyk personally reported about the joyous event on the page in a social network. They have already chosen a name for the baby. Fans and friends congratulate the couple with the appearance of the heiress.

      Resident of Comedy Club Anton lirnyk became a father again. Tonight in one of clinics of Kiev was born the daughter of the humorist and his wife Marina. The man hastened to announce the joyful event with his fans on the social network. Unlike some celebrities, Anton did not hide the name of the successor – they, along with his wife decided to call her Martha.

      “Hurrah! Thank you,” wrote Anton as a congratulations to his wife.

      Fans were very pleased to see that the family of the famous showman’s daughter. They were quick to rejoice for the family of the artist and sent him kind words. “We congratulate you with such a wonderful girl! Grow big and healthy,” “I Have tears already welled up in my eyes! The health of the mother and daughter”, “Congratulations, let it grow good and beautiful. In a day, wow, life is full of wonderful and significant events,” wrote admirers of the Lyre.

      Throughout the day supported by his wife. Apparently, the artist’s wife went to the clinic this morning. The man was published in the microblog photo, which would encourage the Marina at this difficult moment. “Catch!” – wrote Anton and left the hashtags “fingers crossed”, “Hollis”, “spit over your shoulder” and “gone”.

      Fans will remember that not so long ago the lyre was told about the tragedy that happened in his life. He spent a long time could not decide to have children, as the lost daughter Mary. The girl was eight years old when she was diagnosed with a tumor in the underlying cells of the brain. The operation has not helped her and she soon passed away. Anton could not come to terms with the loss and only after a time gradually began to recover. Resident “Comedy Club” for the first time, told how he survived the death of his daughter

      “My friends pulled me back to life. As soon as I returned to Kiev, they instantly threw me in the work. And to any who just tucked under the arms. I’m probably as much never worked in my life as when I was filming something, somewhere, edited, directed, where someone wrote some scripts, I slept two to three hours a day. Sleep was hard, and as soon as the head stops something to think about, relaxes you instantly return to the same kill you thoughts. Work distracted me. Slept in the car on the floor, not far from the editing controller, Wake up, again, worked, ate, worked, fell asleep again immediately. I laid a blanket, even home did not return”, – said Anton.

      Now the showman is still a teenage daughter, Sofia, who was born in wedlock with his second wife. Anton is actively involved in the life of an heiress.