Резидент «Comedy Баттл» жестко унизила Ольгу Бузову Beauty blogger and participant in the popular TV show Natasha Krasnov recorded a Diss on the creativity of the presenter and an aspiring singer. The woman believes that Olga Buzova is an urgent need to stop to conquer the musical Olympus. The star herself has not yet responded to the criticism.
Резидент «Comedy Баттл» жестко унизила Ольгу Бузову

37-year-old beauty blogger and a resident of the TNT show “Comedy battle” Natasha Krasnov decided to try a new region. The woman decided to become a rapper and recorded the first track under the alias Black Russian Mama. The composition of the stars of the Internet called “Buzova, not sing.” The video for the song has garnered hundreds of thousands views on YouTube.

Before showing the video should be a warning that the blogger explains his position in relation to Olga Buzova. “This content is not intended to offend anyone, and is a natural reaction to some “creativity”, – said Krasnov.

In the annotations to the video Natasha shared their thoughts about the activities of well-known TV presenter. Krasnov explained why Olga Buzova inspired her first Diss. The Internet star could not pass up the phenomenal success of celebrities.

“When I came to Russia, I was amazed – you have the greatest writers such as Olga Buzova. And you have an incredibly cool designers, for example, Olga Buzova. And, of course, the mesmerising vocal talent, one of which is sensual timbre soprano Olga Buzova. So its the first track I dedicate to this person… so that there is man – woman with a capital “W” – said Krasnov.

The plot of the video, which appeared on the Russian channel Black Mama, not much different from what happens in the vast majority of clips hip-hop artists. The whole movie Krasnov, reincarnated in a hot black star hip-hop, dancing and strongly demonstrates its superiority over the opponent. In addition, the Internet star read out lines, which is trying to insult Olga Buzova, following the laws of the direction Diss:

Buzova, do not sing, do not sing Buzova. (…)
The disorder of the soul tequila will not drown,
Sound Nitsche, Queen backing vocals,
Getting used to sleep alone? And it is better to sing would be the habit.
Of course, once you’re drunk in a karaoke screaming.
“Olga, you’re great at singing,” the kind of idiot you whispered.
You read like a Nightingale, tweeting his pop.
Here and sing like a Nightingale on a branch in the forest.

A special place in the track Krasnova given the upcoming album Buzova. At the moment the TV host and aspiring singer is busy recording new tracks while also preparing for big solo concerts, which will be held in November in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. However, Natasha believes that the star should slow down:

The Apocalypse is near… Olga will be the album release!
Through song your can the devil call.
From the song words can not erase, but there is a motive more interesting.
Let the words not to throw out and discard all the song.

In the song Natasha is also lamenting songs Olga. The woman complains that are unable to understand the creativity Buzova. Krasnov considers this to be a compelling reason leading should immediately cease to conquer the music industry:

Like to hear this, to unsee? Oh my God-Oh my God
I can’t understand anything, my brain freezed.
A little half, and the song in the tops. (…)
For to is re, for re is mi,
Understand this, Olya, Olya, you know!

There was criticism of the performances of the famous leading. In addition, Krasnov recalled the recent award of the TV channel MUZ-TV, where the guest was Buzova. The blogger is sure that celebrities should think about their behavior:

Went to the trip, recorded the clip.
For the same PIP, PIP, PIP. (…)
Hugged Galkin and Kirkorov stick?
Soon they spoke of a woman who sings!

Olga Buzova itself is not in a hurry to record a response song to a blogger from Chelyabinsk. Meanwhile, users of social networks write comments that Express hope for a rap battle between the two women. They believe that Olga will be able to provide adequate response to all critics and detractors. Olga Buzova responded to insults of low intelligence