Resident “Comedy battle” explained why publicly humiliated Olga Buzova

Резидент «Comedy Баттл» объяснила, зачем публично унизила Ольгу Бузову Natalia Krasnova told about creating a video about the star of telestroke. The girl remembered how I started writing the controversial track “Buzova, don’t sing” in which we are talking about incompetence and lack of talent leading “House-2”.
Резидент «Comedy Баттл» объяснила, зачем публично унизила Ольгу Бузову

Six months after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova started a solo career. The girl released six songs that appeared in the first place ITunes. However, there were also those who don’t like creativity of the TV stars. Last week, the Network spread a video of the resident Comedy battle Natalia Krasnova. The Joker recorded the video for the song “Buzova, don’t sing,” which made fun of the star electroni. For a matter of hours the video received several thousand views and attracted the attention of popular bloggers. “StarHit” talked with the Creator of the controversial material and found out why she wanted to humiliate a colleague.

“The idea to make a video “Buzova, don’t sing” came from my friend Kirill Ovchinnikov – says “StarHit” Natalia. – When he first showed the text, I immediately said that such will not take…

Words – tough shit! We rewrote them several times that the message was not degrading, and banter. Anyway, this song is the stone not so much in the garden Buzova how much is just show business. Just at the moment Olga is the brightest of its representative. Her songs swirling in my head, they are well-produced”.
Резидент «Comedy Баттл» объяснила, зачем публично унизила Ольгу Бузову

The recording of the song took a day and two days later, was born a provocative video. “Olya is a singer and designer, and model, and TV presenter, and DJ, continues Krasnov. I think she’s just laughing at us. “Guys, it was a draw! I’m just Olga from “House-2”, once recognized Buzova.

We will remind, in the track Krasnova ridiculed creativity Buzova and asks her to stop releasing songs one by one. The star of the comic genre has picked up a very scathing expression and vivid comparisons.

The Apocalypse is near… Olga will be the album release!

Through song your can the devil call.

From the song words can not erase, but there is a motive more interesting.

Let the words not to throw out and discard all the song.

Natalia has already identified new targets for the following videos.

Резидент «Comedy Баттл» объяснила, зачем публично унизила Ольгу Бузову“Through humor and song to raise relevant topics, discussing the people, – said Natasha. – And you can apply to other characters: “Milon, don’t write laws” or “Volochkova, not dance!”