Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях Right-optimists who believe that even the strange appearance, there will always be a fan. Jocelyn Wildenstein, better known as “Catwoman”, getting married for the second time. We remembered the stories of those who also subjected his body to torture in the offices of surgeons and, despite the strange appearance, left happy.
Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях

At birth, nature is not hurt Jocelyn. Girl from Lausanne was so attractive that she became a model and married a billionaire. But enviable fate had not healed her from the complexes. Happiness – although it depends – in our time, man can reshape himself by any model. If I had money and blind faith in the magic of plastic surgery. Like all of whom will be discussed further, Joslyn spent tens of thousands of dollars to make his appearance unforgettable. It is safe to say that she and the others succeeded.

Lioness from new York

The sentence “cat-woman” received from the designer Lloyd Klein, who met Jocelyn when her natural appearance does not remain a trace. She decided on the first surgery to keep her husband Alec Wildenstein engaged in the sale of art objects. Alec adored big cats, brought home a lynx. Jocelyn said lynx “perfect eye” and came to the conclusion that he wants the same. This began the obsession with plastic, which cost her more than $4 million.

“She’s crazy,’ said Alec. – Thought he could rearrange the features of the face as the furniture.”
Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях

In 1997, Jocelyn caught her husband in bed with a 21 year old Russian model. In the course of the scandal Alec took the gun and I almost sent “lioness” to the country of eternal hunting. For it in the divorce she squeezed father’s two children $2.5 billion with the proviso that not one cent will end up in the pockets of plastic surgeons.

Lloyd Klein entered the life of Joslyn in the early 2000s – they brought together their shared passion for decorating. And last year he decided to go: the pair had a fight, Joslyn arrested 50 – year-old Lloyd claimed that a friend, which at that time was 75 years old, cut it with scissors. But in the end it only proved to him the power of her love. He refused the allegations and in late July presented Jocelyn engagement ring custom design diamond of 32 carats, so expensive that she had to employ to decoration of the two bodyguards.


Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях

Eric Sprague the famous fairs of Texas as “man-lizard”. “Any artist wants to create a powerful symbol, he says. – I decided to become”. Plastic 45-year-old man was taken to forked tongue, and for the installation of five Teflon implants in the superciliary arches. They mimic growths as reptiles. Erik’s teeth grind, but for the rest of the beauty spent 700 hours in the chair the tattoo artist.


The leader of the band Dead or Alive Pete burns was born a man and never wanted to change their sex. He just had bad luck with surgeons. Plastic Pete sat still in 80-e years when his song You Spin Me Round became a hit.

Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях
Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях“I realized that I will not only listen, but watch, he remembered. – And the nose of the curve, broken in the fight. I was young and wanted to look beautiful on the cover of gloss”.

Rhinoplasty was unsuccessful as the procedure to increase the lips. Of the 300 made Pete operations large part it took in order to correct the errors of the previous doctors.

Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях“Once the silicone from the inflamed lips got into her blood along with the pus, – said the musician. – Lips had to be amputated and re-create of cloth, cut from the stomach. Began to form blood clots, miraculously survived. But I like how I look, and I will continue the procedure.”

Last year, 57-year-old burns died of a heart attack, shortly before his death, he quipped: “I Hope when I get to heaven, God won’t recognise me”.


Everyone knows that Barbie’s unnatural proportions, but some girls still try to achieve them. To do this without the help of plastic surgeons is impossible, although the most famous “living doll,” the 31-year-old Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova, is recognized only in the breast augmentation. Everything else, according to her, achieved with diet, exercise and makeup.

Перекроить себя: почему жертвы пластики не жалеют об операциях

Where is Barbie, where is Ken. Brazilian Rodrigo Alves decided to use the inheritance to become the man of her dreams. In early August, he gave himself on the birthday of the tenth rhinoplasty, though after the sixth flesh-eating bacteria almost left him without nose. Only 33-year-old Rodrigo has made 42 transactions, spending more than half a million dollars. Among other things he cut the corners of the mouth to smile was wider, and pumped artificial muscles.

“I have no regrets about failed operations, says Rodrigo. – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when I look in the mirror, I see perfection.”