Представители МХТ выступили с опровержением слухов о Марине Зудиной
The widow of Oleg Tabakov slandered.

Marina Zudina


The death of Oleg Tabakov has caused a wave of negativity in the address of his family. More “got” the widow of folk artist Marina Suginoi. The media began to appear publications with the stories of certain individuals (who did not want to disclose the names) who spread rumors about actress. There is information about the fact that the actress allegedly secretly owned apartments in a house built for employees of the Moscow art theatre. Shortly before that, there were reports that all the actors of the theater were afraid to Zudin and called her “Saltychikha”. In this case, no such comment from specific actors of the troupe did not arrive. All were interviewed “anonymous”.

Today representatives of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov has appealed to the journalists that the press has stopped hounding Suginoi unreasonable. In a press-service of the theatre stressed that these publications are fiction. The more that Marina is in mourning: from the death of Oleg Pavlovich has not passed and 40 days. It is extremely hard going through the death of a spouse. Close Tabakov until recently, hoping for his amendment.

Recall that the apostles did not March 12. Not so long ago was chosen as the new artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. Place of Oleg Pavlovich is Sergei Zhenovach. Soon after his appointment, the media also spread rumors about the outbreak of the unrest in the theater. However, again, none of the actors has not publicly opposed the candidacy of Zhenovach. Their official duties will start on 23 April (40 days after the death of Oleg Pavlovich).