Представители экс-продюсера «Тату» ответили на претензии Лолиты Милявской Composer and Director Elena Kiper, working with many stars of show business, appeared in the center of the scandal. Lolita announced that he was going to sue a former colleague who worked with her on an impressive number of hits.
Представители экс-продюсера «Тату» ответили на претензии Лолиты Милявской

In early February, Lolita suspected former producer of group “Tatu” Elena Kiper in fraudulent activities. According to the singer, she doesn’t come royalties for hits such as “Titanic” and “Orientation the North”. The artist had signed a contract with the Keeper, by which she ruled her songs. As it turned out, Elena allegedly resold the rights to some hits Lolita, not placing it in the fame.

Not so long ago Palladium went to the Bank, after ascertaining that she had to pay six millions roubles. However, the singer has received only half. Reporters contacted representatives of the Keeper, who shared his version of events. Itself the producer went to another country, so the connection failed. The lawyer said Helena Victor Pasternak, Palladium has not yet been addressed in court, and the conditions of the contract with the artist, is clearly observed.

“This is a very strange situation. (…) The IBA received a large sum of money. She says she was deprived of his works, but it’s not. The company Elena Kiper runs the content. We have no information about the treatment of the singer in court, we only see a HYIP in social networks and media, and this is why something is an event,” says the lawyer.

According to Pasternak, the IBA regularly given reports that contained information about the use of her songs. So Elena Kiper and its representatives are surprised by the statements of the singer.

“Lolita received exactly what was stipulated in the terms of the contract. Six million is a large sum for those songs, we are talking about. You have to understand that the popularity of the singer at the moment is not comparable with the demand of many youth teams and the audience her music is mainly age, and that people who do not always use the Internet and actively download music. And given the rampant piracy in our country in songs even a little you can earn,” – says the lawyer of the ex-producer of “Tatu”.

As noted lawyer Elena Kiper, million, received an artist – a very decent amount. According to Pasternak, the lolita “should be ashamed”. During the conversation with reporters Sobesednik.ru the lawyer added that the scandal with the author’s deductions has a negative impact on the health of Elena Kiper, which is experiencing about the situation.