Представители каких профессий боятся постареть раньше времени

Company Merz Aesthetics has conducted interesting research, which showed representatives of some professions suffer from a phobia of premature aging.

In the survey of interdependence of appearance and career have taken part more than 5 thousand people living in Russia, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan. Surprisingly, the representatives of one profession in different countries were very similar.

Most afraid of being old before my time by those engaged in publishing and journalism (87%). We can assume that a big percentage of this list was taken by the editors of glossy magazines. Anyway, and photoshopped pictures of models with perfect skin effect on the psyche. Also, reporters often have to deal with celebrities, which are known thanks to the work of cosmetologists and makeup artists are always a perfect look.

On the second place of the list of professions who are afraid of premature aging, were people working in the field of energy and utilities (84%). One percent behind them predstaviteli HR Department and recruitment (83%). On the fourth line marketers, PR managers and advertising managers (81%), and on the fifth line – the hotel business staff (79%).

How do you think, does appearance for career growth?

  • Of course! And I’m doing everything possible to delay the aging process
  • More likely than not. But I’m not going for a career to buy expensive creams and stabbing Botox
  • Rather no than Yes. In a career of more help professional and communication skills, not appearance
  • Definitely not! Perfect look, on the contrary, interfere with the career

The last line in the rating took the artists (56%). The researchers believe this is due to the fact that among the actors of the theater, Opera, ballet, etc. is more valuable is not youthful, and unique appearance.

The survey also Merz Aesthetics showed that 77% of our compatriots believe that the appearance is directly related to career growth, and 95% of women and 90% of men believe that the pressure associated with the desire to look good at work.

The latter fact is confirmed by a physician-dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, trainer-expert at Merz Aesthetics Irina Aksenenko: “increasingly, during the consultations, the patients focus on how appearance is important to succeed in their career and personal development. This applies not only to those working in the public sphere, but also those who believe that a youthful appearance will positively affect their promotion”.

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