Representatives of “Eurovision” met Jamal for the scandal with the song

Представители «Евровидения» оправдали Джамалу за скандал с песней Internet users caught the winner of the contest in violation of the rules. The song “1944,” which Jamal sang at Eurovision, it turns out, had filled her earlier. However, representatives of show, this fact has not confused.

      Представители «Евровидения» оправдали Джамалу за скандал с песней

      The final of “Eurovision” was held in Stockholm last Saturday, but the scandal surrounding him continues to flare up. Viewers from many countries were not satisfied with the results of judging their own members of the jury. For example, the people of Ukraine, Georgia and Estonia put to the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev highest score – 12 points from the jury, and these countries actually boycott his number a mark of 0 points. In the end, our competitor took only third place.

      Sergey Lazarev for the first time spoke about the disappointment of the European refereeing

      However, winner Jamal, who has represented Ukraine, is also having issues. So, Internet users were able to catch the singer in violation of the rules of “Eurovision”. In accordance with the Charter of the competition, the songs involved in the show, should not be executed before the filing deadline, i.e. 1 September 2015. Meanwhile, in YouTube was found with videos of the concert of Jamala, posted on may 19, 2015. During this speech the singer performed the song “1944,” which then had a different name – “Our Crimea”.

      Jamal commented on this fact, knowing that the entry is discussed in the Network. “Don’t worry, it was just a rehearsal,” she wrote in one of social networks. – Was also used by another text, and another interpretation”.

      However, the justification of the singer was not enough for the indignant Internet users. Representatives of “Eurovision” has received an official request to explain how the song was admitted to the competition. The answer was quite unexpected for many.

      “The rules state that a song cannot be released before the first of September of the year preceding the start of the contest. Reference group of the EBU watched a video of a concert where one song Jamala. But it looked only a few hundred spectators from the date of publication on YouTube, and EBU came to the conclusion that the video could not be used for commercial purposes”, – voiced his opinion the organizers of the competition.

      The answer of the representatives of “Eurovision”, cited by the newspaper “Life”, has caused disappointment among fans of the show who insist that the organization of the competition uses double standards.

      In the Kremlin commented on the Eurovision song contest

      We will remind, next year Eurovision will be held in Ukraine. One of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada has already made such the idea that from Russia, the contest for political reasons can not come any member. Such judgments, again, are contrary to the rules of the show. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of the Ukrainian authorities. Eurovision is an international contest, and the receiving party must follow the rules of “Eurovision”. All the rest is their competence”, – said Peskov.

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