Representative Svetlana Loboda commented on the incident with the journalists

Представитель Светланы Лободы прокомментировал инцидент с журналистами

Today it became known that journalists of the program “Ukrainian sensations” on TV channel 1+1 were victims of the security guards of the singer Svetlana Loboda. Allegedly, one of the bodyguards, threatening with a firearm, took the video camera and video recorder from the car of the crew. At the scene, and it was the house singer, was caused by the police.

The answer of the representative of the actress did not wait long. On his page in the social network Natella Krapivina told how things really are. According to the version of the last TV journalists got it all wrong. Supposedly in the house at the time of the arrival of the crew with her mother and six-year-old singer’s daughter (who, incidentally, are very frightened) was only the assistant Svetlana. Journalists are not immediately introduced, but other than verbal reprimands, no action he did not take.
In proof of his words Natella ready to show video from surveillance cameras, and, if necessary, will provide them with the relevant authorities to find out who is right and who is wrong.
“Journalists have broken the law of Ukraine on personal data protection and we will undertake measures in this regard,” said Krapivin.